Chains Comprehension

by: Mia Boles and Nicholas Blevins


The exposition of the story is the setting and main characters.

- setting; 1800's New York

- Characters; Isabel, Ruth, Curzon, The Locktons

The rising action of the story is the conflict building up.

The rising action of Chains is when Madam Lockton and The Master bought Isabel and her sister Ruth from Mr. Robert Finch and Miss Mary Finch.

The climax is the turning point of the story.

The climax of Chains is when Isabel is helping Captain Morse keep the rebels alive that are in prison, but madam lockton finds out about what Isabel has been doing to save the prisoners and she locks Isabel in the potato bin and threatens to drown her sister.

The falling action is the part of the story where the climax is being resolved.

The falling action of the story is when Isabel breaks Curzon out of prison and steals a boat and crosses the river Jordan to New Jersey.

The resolution of the story is when they are rowing furiously down the river and fell unconscious but then wake up and notice they made it safely to New Jersey and away from the horrors of New York.


The setting of the book is 1800' New York.

It takes place in a big house on Wall Street


The Author of chains is Laurie Halse Anderson.


Isabel and Ruth were sold to Madam Lockton and Master Lockton. They were taken on a boat to New York to be slaves for Madam and the Master just to make their lives better. Isabel makes a friend named Curzon and she uses him to help her and her sister get out of the house and make it safely to Rhode Island so they can be free.

Isabel overhears master lockton plotting to kill General George Washington and plans to go tell Colonel Reagan. Lockton eventually flees to England because his plot has been revealed.

Ruth has a seziure and Madam thinks she is a demon so she sells Ruth while Isabel doesnt know. When Isabel finds out that madam sold Ruth she confronted Madam and ended up with an I for insolence on her cheek several hours later.

While Isabel is taking care of Lady Seymour, her house was hit and suddenly caught on fire. Isabel tried to take all of Lady Seymours most valuable things and stuffed them in her pockets so Lady Seymour still had the things she loved.

madam finds out that isabel is feeding the prisoners and trying to keep them alive so madam lockton locks isabel in a potato bin so she cant help the prisoners anymore.

Isabel somehow breaks out of the potato bin and runs to the prison to get Curzon and run away to Rhode Island. She found CUrzon but she had to find away to get past the soldier on the corner.

Once they passed, isabel found a boat and placed concious, but okay, Curzon in the boat and rowed as fast as she could to rhode island. Suddenly they hit something on the side and fell unconcious but then woke up to be on the other side of the river in Rhode Island.