Identifying Trace Evidence

Cody Temple

1. House Key

  • You could bring it to a locksmith and they could possibly tell you where it came from.
  • It will locate where your suspect is
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2. Mud shoe stain

  • You could show it to a shoe store manager
  • help show with kind of shoes the suspect owns
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3. Bendy tie

you could bring it too a tie shop

Can help say if the suspect was maybe organized or not

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4. Chewing gum

  • Show it to a dentist or orthodontist
  • Could possibly show suspects teeth pattern
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5. Tip of a crayon

Show it to an artist

Could help tell if the suspect was involved in any art or note taking

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6. Yarn

Bring it to a clothes designer

It could help show the suspects style or fashion interest

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7. Finger nail

You could bring it to a nail salon shop

Could help tell the suspect sex

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8. Hair w/o folecule

  • You could take it to a barber
  • Could possibly help you with gender and hair color
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9. I have no idea....

10. Match

  • Could help us tell us if the suspect was a smoker or not
  • A firefighter could maybe help us
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11. fabric

  • This could help show what kind of clothes the suspect has
  • You could show a designer to help identify the clothing
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12. sock fuzz

  • Could help identify the suspects sock color
  • You could show someone at a shoe store
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13. farming meaterial

This could help show the type of environment that the suspect lives in

Maybe show a geography proessor

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14. Marble necklace

This can help show the suspect kind of jewelry

You could show this to a jewelry designer

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15. Button

This can help also show the type of clothes the suspect was wearing

You can show this to a designer

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