How it all started

By: Sarah garner

The main "spark" of this new war

The new war, also known as world war 1 (WW1), was caused by the death of the Austria-hungarian empire, Archduke franz Ferdinand of Austria. He was killed by an angry Serbian man. This happened June 28, 1914. If you know anything about this crime please call 1-800-stop-this.


  • M-We are building up stronger armies and navies. We have new technology from industrial revolution and new weapons to fight with.
  • A-we joined Russia,France,and England in an alliance so if one of them was attacked the others were to help defend it.
  • I- France and Britain made a lot of money and became wealthy and had world empires because of imperialism.
  • N-this was a driving force behind WW1. people who shared a common language, religion, and culture
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How all this ties together

Other countrys wanted an alliance with the more stronger countries The stronger the country the stronger the navy and army they wanted more power. So they tried to build their empire and take over smaller countries that were being loyal to their own country and religion.