Sleeping Habits

Jay Nicholson

How to sleep

  • try to go to sleep at the same time every day and wake up at the same time
  • control your exposure to light it helps regulate your sleep time
  • get regular exercise every day it speeds up your metabolism
  • be smart about what you eat and drink avoid caffeine it can cause you to stay up late

Why sleeping is important

  • sleep is important because it makes you feel energized
  • your brain is awake and it is better to think
  • sleep helps your body cure and stops sickness
  • more sleep helps your body grow

sleeping problems how to overcome

  • when you go to sleep avoid your phone keep phone far away from you
  • before you go to sleep don not drink pop pop will keep you up
  • when you go to sleep turn off tv get used to turning it off before you sleep
  • make sure you are comfortable keep it the right heat it will help you sleep better
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