More Stop Signs for Saftey

By Emerson Welsh

What do I want?

I want to change the amount of stop signs in Kansas. I was driving with my dad to a four-way intersection one time and two cars almost collided because of a careless driver and no stop signs. The reason I want to add more stop signs is because if no one gets a warning to stop and the just look, they could get hit, I want to save people from getting hurt, so I want to add more stop signs, especially at four-way intersections without them.

What will this do?

This change will save the lives of so many people. Car accidents are one of the leading causes of death every year, and if someone doesn’t do something now… who else will.

How will I achieve this?

My planning for this project is to go to the Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT), and present them with my idea. I will tell them about my experiences with no stop signs and what I saw at some four-way intersections. I will probably make some sort of Keynote with information and pictures, and possibly even videos.