How do sloths preform everyday tasks?


LaMattina says, "They climb from tree to tree, branch to branch, [and] they only come down once a week." That one time they come down is to get rid of all the food in their system. And that's only one activity that sloths are in no rush to complete. Another is mating. "They do it very slowly," LaMattina says, "and they do it high up in the trees ... and they do it sort of upside down."That's how sloths spend most of their lives. They negotiate branches with the curved claws at the end of their lengthy limbs. They're also good swimmers. But on land, sloths move as though they've been gorging on milkshakes for a month.


All sloths are built for life in the treetops. They spend nearly all of their time aloft, hanging from branches with a powerful grip aided by their long claws. (Dead sloths have been known to retain their grip and remain suspended in the air.) Sloths even sleep in trees, and they sleep a lot—some 15 to 20 hours every day. Even when awake they often remain motionless, and two-toed sloths are generally silent. At night they eat leaves, shoots, and fruit from the trees and get almost all of their water from juicy plants.Sloths mate and give birth while hanging in the trees. Young two-toed sloths are often seen clinging to their mothers; they travel by hanging onto them for the first five weeks of their lives.

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