Mindfulness-Based SEL in Action

November 2019

Note from the Editors

Welcome! November is a good month to remember that self-care is the root of resilience. When your body is cared for, your are better able to deal with emotions. What will you do to nurture your mind, body and soul this month?

If you find yourself with questions related to mindfulness or SEL we would be happy to help. Be sure to check out our upcoming learning opportunities in MLP/ MyLearningPlan for updates.

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Liane & Kate

Many of us love to give advice! Or we serve in roles where people expect us to have the answers. And then there is the notion that if people would just do what I think they should do we both would be happier! The reality is research shows that giving advice rarely works, it often backfires and sometimes people actually do the opposite of what we suggest. Might we spend our time more effectively? Most of the time our presence and mindful listening is way more beneficial and goes a long way to building connection. Check out this video for a funny example of how this works! An oldie but goodie...
It's Not About The Nail

Jump, Wiggle, Learn? Self-Regulation | Candice Charlton & Heidi DeLazzer

Jump, wiggle, learn? Self-Regulation | Candice Charlton and Heidi DeLazzer | TEDxWestVancouverED
Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness Podcast ~ David Treleaven

A monthly podcast hosted by David Treleaven featuring a variety of guests speaking about the intersection of mindfulness, meditation, and trauma.

Marc Lesser: How to Be an Emotional Jedi

Self Care Saturday

Saturday, Jan. 11th 2020 at 9am-12pm

179 County Route 64

Mexico, NY

Join us for a morning of self-care with activities such as mindfulness meditation, making gratitude journals and jars, ColorStreet nails, essential oil play, yoga and more!

Register on MyLearningPlan https://www.mylearningplan.com/WebReg/ActivityProfile.asp?D=12396&I=3333400

Seeking Support with Mindfulness, SEL or Trauma-Informed Practices?

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