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I have oils now what?

Congratulations On Your New Journey

Whether you know about essential oils or are new to them, you've made the right decision to change the way you look at well-being by taking control of your family's health. It's an empowering step, and I am looking forward to hearing some of your oil testimonials!

Some folks join doTERRA just to get these wonderful products at wholesale discount, others also join for the opportunity to share this gift with others and get their oils for free or create a source of income for their families. It doesn't matter why you joined , what matters is that you are now part of our amazing team and I am anxious to help with whatever your needs are.

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Introducing doTERRA

Introducing doTERRA. Empowering You to Be Ready for Anything

Four Key Steps to Kick Off Your Journey

First thing to remember: Don't be overwhelmed with trying to learn everything at once. this is a journey, so approach it that way, one step at a time. learning these oils can be this simple.

1) Live with the oils. EVERYTHING you would ordinarinarily go to your medicine cabinet for, go to the oils first.

2) Use your Modern Essentials Book. If you don't have one get one from www.aromatools.com . Having oils without a good reference book is like having the ingredients for a cake but no recipe. Leave it in a central location ( I keep mine in the kitchen) and use it to look everything up health, wellness, or medical issue that comes up in your daily life.

3) Educate Yourself by utilizing other great resources that are readily available to us ( see all great links below) We're lucky to have so much great information available to us for FREE on the Internet. we have everything at our fingertips to help us become an expert user of these oils!

4) Community there are amazing Facebook groups that you will be added too. If you can not find the Information post it here and others will post their recommendations and their own oil testimonials.

Want to Learn More

This 4 minute "Intro to oils " video will show you how very beautifully and powerfully all this wonderful "Gift of the Earth" can offer you and your family.
Introduction ~~ doTERRA Essential Oils 4 min
How Bacteria reacts to doTERRA Essential Oils

Here are great websites to learn more about oils and how to use them

How do I use the Oils?

Here is a great video on the 3 ways to use oils in your life.
Essential Oil Introduction, using DoTERRA oils medicinally

How do I get more oils?

You need to set up a LRP or loyalty rewards program. This makes you eligible for product of the month and other free oils and promotions. You can edit you LRP each month to have different oils shipped. There is no obligation to buy oils monthly just edit your cart in your LRP to reflect no oils. Make sure to have your LRP order in before the 15th of the month to be eligible for the product of the month. Here is a video to show how to set it up. This is the MOST intelligent way to buy oils. Remember to start go to your virtual office at www.mydoterra.com. This is like your homepage for doterra oils.
How to set up your doTERRA LRP Order
I am excited for you to start using your doTERRA oils. I want you to know if you ever need anything, please contact me and if I do not know the answer I will find it out for you. I love oils and use them daily and sure you will too!