LC Updates

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The past two weeks have been insanely packed, and as we come close to the end of this quarter there are a lot of exciting forums coming up. Here's a gist of what's up -

Regional Youth Leadership Conference 2015

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The Regional Youth Leadership Conference came to an end a few days ago, leaving all our delegates with unforgettable memories and massive learnings. We'd like to give a huge shoutout to Kopal Airen, who inspite of being the only delegate from AIESEC in Mumbai took the plenary by storm.

Above is a picture of her performing at Talent Night. She was also elected as the F-LCP, and her led her FLC to the top in the Exchange Simulation. Right alongside is a picture of her sharing her experience in the closing plenary of RYLC.

Kopal, you've made us proud.

Look forward to hear from you about the powerful experience you've had.

Management Body and General Body Meetings

MBM 2.0 took place last Saturday, with a whole lot of troubleshooting and problem-solving. We came across a lot of key factors that when worked upon will ensure a much more productive quarter and team.

The inputs taken from the MBM were directly taken up in the EBM the very next day, where solutions for the same were discussed and are being implemented.

The very first GBM of the month will be taking place this Friday, with an insane agenda all set to propel members into Q4. This meeting is strictly for GB members only, and will be conducted by the Orion.

Global Business Summit Update

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We have a new addition to the GBS Core Organizing Committee: Shazia Sheikh!

Congratulations Shazia!

We will be hearing from the OC about their updates at LCM this Saturday.

Upcoming Forums

Some of the most important forums in this LC will be taking place over a span of 2-3 weeks.

To begin with, we have Full Member Applications being released and a Special LCM to announce those very members.

Management Body Appraisals will take place at the end of the month.

Post that, we will have another round of Full Membership Apps, specifically for new recruits.

All of the upcoming forums have been discussed in detail with the MB at their meeting, and will be taken up similarly with the general body at GBM on Friday. Do make sure you're up to date, and don't miss out on these.

See you soon, AIESEC in Mumbai! :D