My trip in Europe

When I arrived in London

I was so excited about this trip, I waited for a long time to be here and now I realize that the trip is finishing. I had many good memories here, made new friends, knew different places that I had never been before. I have been in a multi-cultural environment.

When I got off the plane I already felt the cold weather in London, and I was feeling too cold because it was summer in Brazil and there it was really hot, but now I think I'm used to this weather and don't feel that cold anymore.

when I was going to my accommodation I could see the trees with no leaves and I thought this soo beautiful. Another thing that called my attention is the brick buildings, all of them look the same.

I thought that London was a very expensive city, but when I arrived here I saw that it was not like I had expected. I went to a supermarket and bought many things with 20 pounds. And I also bought many clothes that I think would be much more expensive in Brazil.

Experiences in London

The first night out

In my first day in London my flat mates were going out and they asked if I would like to join them, I said I would love it. then we went to a club that on Mondays has a Latin night. It is a very nice place with friendly people. I got surprised with English people in the club, because they like to dance a lot and have no shame.

Old friend

I had met a English boy in Brazil in world cup, and when I arrived in London I sent him a message saying that I was in England. Unexpectedly he told me he was coming to London on that weekend, and we arranged to meet, it was nice because I knows London and take me to nice places such as Tower Bridge.

Stonehenge and Windsor Castle

My room mate told me that she was going on a guided tour to Stonehenge and Windsor Castle, and I told her that I've always wanted to visit Stonehenge so I told her that I would enjoy joining her. and I immediately bought the tickets for it. The fist destination was Windsor Castle, I think we spent 3 hours there and I could see the church, changing of the guard and the royal palace. After that, we got to Stonehenge. It took about less than 1 hour and we arrived there. when I saw all those huge rocks, all I could imagine it was how people could carry them to that place many year ago when technology did not exist. I also felt an amazing energy, and guess that it's a magical place.