Hawaiian Shirt

Aloha Shirts-The One Of Its Kind Designer Wear

Ever since the aloha shirts were first designed by a Japanese immigrant, the popularity of this national attire grew by leaps and bounds. Despite the mix impressions among locals and celebrities, aloha shirts have endured and continue to mark their presence with a bang. No matter what the impression about fashion trends, the fact that aloha shirts are practical will continue to keep the tradition alive.

Aloha shirts were initially produced by using left over Kimono clothes. As the attire made its public appearance and started gaining popularity, lot of other stuffs, including cotton, rayon, Likre and poly cotton were started to be used to comply with the growing demands. Ranging from the 1930, aloha shirts have been altered and revamped to suit the palettes of the international customers. However, despite all the changes, aloha shirts continue to bear the tradition and culture of Hawaii. Rather, aloha shirts can be directly referred to as the bearers of the aloha spirit. Hawaii being a tropical state witnesses warm whether throughout the year. As a result, the locals felt a necessity to create some attire that would not only signify the free- spirited nature of Hawaii but also let them survive on the island more comfortably.

Despite the fact that aloha shirts were not designed by any trained and experienced designer, they garnered a position in the society which is simply unique and unquestionable. However, aloha shirts have faced many criticism and scorching comments in its journey towards perfection and popularization. With large and bold floral motifs, paisleys and casual sea beach prints serving as the attire's staple patterns, many people felt it too tacky to be adorned. However, the fact is that aloha shirts are probably the exact representations of Hawaiian environment and culture. Hawaiian shirts depict the indigenous elements of Hawaii just as any other national dress is expected to be. After all, you cant expect a land as colorful and as lively as Hawaii to design their national attire in the most plaintive and boring manner.

With popular celebrities and VIPs like George W Bush, Elvis Presley, Bill Clinton, Tom Selleck and Bruno Mars having adorned the popular fashion, there is simply no space for questioning as to why you should not look cool in an aloha shirt. Moreover, aloha shirts are now-a-days available in many muted shades and patterns and the technological advancements have also corrected some of the major fashion faults like mismatched pockets. Click here to check out latest fashion in aloha shirts.