OP6 Voluntary work & Mindfulness

Credit for living here & now.

Choose 3 x 10h modules:

10h voluntary work at Riistavuori Elderly Center OR

10h voluntary work for school OR

10h voluntary work of your choice OR

10h Mindfulness based stress reduction OR

5h voluntary work for school , 5h of your choice

CHOOSE THREE for course credit.

Voluntary work enhances your ability to take responsibility. You learn how the time you contribute to others reflects back to you with feelings of self worth and control of the choices you make. You may gain perspective to life in surprising ways.

term IV: 2 hours / week Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction practice

As one option for the course, you can choose to practice mindfulness based relaxation and meditation skills once a week in group and for "homework" at home . We practice observing life as it unfolds moment to moment, without judgement and with kind acceptance.

These exercises have been studied to boost your concentration and resilience skills and

strengthen social sensitivity, essential for communication and balanced relations.

Grading - Collect all the badges!

Pass / Fail.

Students complete 3x 10 hours voluntary work / MBSR sessions.

For each work session you will apply for a badge through Open Badge Factory.

You will keep a learning diary and log about your voluntary work online and private diary about your mindfulness practice. You will write a final essay about the evolution of your ideas about voluntary work and about the effect it (possibly with mindfulness practice) has had on you.

Offered in term IV. Earn your first badge at HS "TEE HYVÄÄ"-fair, THURSDAY 24.9 at Sanomatalo 12-15


For details and signing in for the Google Classroom, ask Leena Liimatainen (through wilma).