Mrs. Sawchak's 1st Grade News

January 4, 2016

Upcoming Events

  • January 4: 3rd quarter begins
  • January 5: Jaguar Junction shopping day
  • January 8: Leadership Assembly at 9:30 am
  • January 8: Grade cards come home (please sign & return envelope)
  • January 18: NO SCHOOL. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Learning Updates

Week of January 4-8

Language Arts: We will begin a unit on non-fiction books. We will learn about the different types of text features.

Spelling: We will continue studying s blends (sm, sl, sk, sn, st, sp, sw). We will take a quiz on Friday. Please help you child practice these words at home.
  • skip
  • sled
  • step
  • small
  • slam
  • stuff
  • spot
  • swim
  • snack
  • spin
  • stop
  • smell

Tricky words: what, you, down

Sentence: We will sled down the hill.

Writing: We will begin a nonfiction writing unit.

Math: We will continue our unit on place value. We will practice using base-10 blocks to represent a number and find 10 more or 10 less of a given number using a number grid.


During the winter months, we continue to go outside for recess unless the windchill is below 28 degrees. Please make sure your child has appropriate cold weather gear (heavy coat, gloves, and hat) each day.


My Donor's Choose project has been fully funded! Our classroom will be receiving 6 new chairs to use in the classroom (2 wobble stools, 2 go-anywhere chairs, and 2 reclining floor chairs). Thank you to those who donated!!!!