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Testing for Allergies in San Diego

Today allergies have become the new trend in life. You go to a trendy restaurant for dinner and you get back itching all over. What has caused this problem? Never before has such a problem occurred when we have dined out. Could it be allergy to something that was eaten? These are the questions that cross your mind when such problems occur. Today every second person you come across seems to behaving allergy problems. What is causing these allergy problems? Is it the impurities in the surroundings or is it the pesticides in the food that is consumed by us?

Different Allergies that can effect a person

Today around 75% of the people are allergic to wheat or gluten sensitive. Around 58% of the people are allergic to dairy products and around 48% are sensitive to their pets. These are a few allergy issues mentioned here. There are people who are sensitive to eggs or prawns. The list is unending. It is best when you face these problems to get them checked so you know what should be avoiding so you do not face any problems. This can be done at the allergy testing centers in San Diego which offer you these facilities.

Allergy testing Centers in San Diego

Do you ever suffer from fatigue, bloating, constipation or digestive problems? Then it is time to get yourself checked for allergies. Sometimes it could be Skin disorders, lethargy, headaches, nausea, brain fog or diahorrea thataffect you and you do not know what to do. The simplest solution to this problem is to pay $105 and get yourself checked for allergies. At San Diego there are clinics where you have to send a sample of your hair and their check your sensitivity to different food items that you may have in your home. It is best to get this done so you know your sensitivity to certain products which can be avoided and you can have a healthy life without these products in your day to day life.

How is this testing done?

Around 47% of the population seems to be suffering from some sensitivity or the other. It is ideal to get yourself checked so that you can enjoy a healthy life excluding these items from your diet. All you have to do is send a sample of your hair in an envelope and within seven days you will get acomprehensive four page report. There is nothing complicated about our test, it is not invasive. The latest technologies are used to find out your sensitivity to different substances. We test you for 600 different items which are non food such as dust mites and pollen and food items such as gluten, nuts, dairy products, wheat and Lactose.

After the tests are done and it is found that there are no problems regarding the items that you have been tested for then it is better to test for sensitivity to your pet or any other items that you come in contact. You can send five of these items to the lab and they will have it checked for free. These tests can be done on adults, babies, children and pets.

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