Shane Burke Acoustic Set

Local Singer/Songwriter

"What Weekly" Gives the Scoop

Shane’s Burke’s versatile voice is rich in the low end, dead-on in the middle, and angelic in the upper register. His songs are a soulful mix of rock, soul, and R&B. Burke’s music is familiar, but engaging in a way that keeps you listening.

A close contemporary comparison of Burke would be Ray Lamontagne, whom Burke admires, and, he even covers Lamontagne’s song “Hannah." About his own tastes Burke remarked, “I like artists that you can feel, and that create from feeling, people like Ray Lamontagne, Otis Redding, and Jeff Buckley.”

Groove On, Hepcats...

Saturday, Dec. 15th 2012 at 9-11pm

Mugshots Cafe & Bar, 2nd Floor, 15 E. Centre Street, Baltimore, MD 21202