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Background information

Ecuadors capital is Quito with a population of 1,399,814. Two other major cities are Quayaquil with a population of 1,952,029 and Cuenca with a population of 276,964. In the history of Ecuador it was controlled by Spain but soon enough they gained their independence. They officialy gained their independence on May 24,1822 and Ecuadors official language is now Spanish

Geographic information

Ecuador is in South America bordered by Columbia, Peru, and the Pacific Ocean. Some physical features in Ecuador are the volcanos for example Sangay, the costal lowland called La Costa, and the snow capped mountains called La Sierra.

Political and diplomacy information

Ecuadors government type is republic. Plus their president is Rafael Correa. Ecuador is on good terms with New York City because they are good trading partners. But Ecuador has an increased unemployment in Spain,the United States, and Italy

Economic and trade information

Ecuadors currency is U.S dollars and their economic system is socialism. Ecuador imports industrial material, fuels and lubricant, and nonduranle consumer goods. Ecuador imports the goods from the U.S(24.8%), China(11.3%), Columbia(8.8%), Peru(4.5%). Ecuador export petroleum, bananas, cut flowers, shrimp, cacao, coffee, wood, and fish. They export goods to U.S.(37.3%), Chile(8.1%), Peru(6.5%), Japan(4.5%), Russia(4.5%), and Columbia(4%).

Tourist information

People should visit Ecuador because of the music and dance. For example they have traditional dancing music,marimba, influenced by African dance and music. Tourist should go to Ecuador to see religious painting and carvings. They should also go to Ecuador to make carpets, bags, and jewelry made of wood.