Sales Representative Wanted!!

Brishetaa Gajendra

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Do you have what we're looking for?

Eco Skills is looking for self-directed individuals who are confident and have good interpersonal skills. For this job specifically we are looking for faces who have a background and interest in natural health products and have an interest in makeup. Our line of environmentally friendly products which do not test on animals are looking for people who have previous experience in external sales and can travel outside city. It is required you have a valid drivers licence as well as you own your own vehicle. We'd also require you to have exceptional skills in Microsoft Office Suite (especially excel).

We are only hiring individuals who have a degree or a diploma. If you would like to join our fast growing company but do not have a degree or diploma look into some of these colleges and university and complete their programs today!

Conestoga College: A two year marketing diploma program. This program teaches students an overview of the marketing industry and teaches students hands on skills which will help them with employment in this industry.

Mohawk College: The Buisness (General) Dimploma program. This diploma can lead to many career opportunities in industries as well as occupational categories. Some of the opportunities are-

  • manufacturing
  • operations
  • retails
  • wholesaling
  • banking
  • government
  • non-profit organizations
  • front line supervisor
  • retail trade agent
  • customer representative
and more.

York University

York's marketing course teaches students the fundamentals of marketing in marketing management, consumer behaviour and marketing research and gain the skills necessary to develop and implement marketing strategies effectively.

Why this job is perfect for me

This job is perfect for me because it combines two of my interests. I always cared about nature and being animal friendly and often when I buy makeup products I try to make sure I buy from brands that do not test on animals. I believe that we should treat animals with respect and treat them the same way we treat other human beings as they do walk the earth with us. One of my hobbies is also doing make up not only on my own face but on my friends as well and they always tell me I should work at places either as a makeup artist or a company which creates products for the face. This job would be perfect for me as the items Eco Skills makes do not harm the enviornment and also I would be passionate about sharing this line to consumers and colleagues as I already have an interest in nature as well as makeup. I also feel that I would bring in alot of consumers for this brand as most of my friends would ask me which product to buy or which products I use so if I was a sales representative for Eco Skills.