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Your Weekly Technology Newsletter-Vol. 2

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Gamers Race to Acquire Forza Horizon 3

By: Jay Teer

With beautiful landscapes, fast cars, and wide open roads, Forza Horizon 3 is a game that any car enthusiast or player looking for a break from the first-person shooter will enjoy. Based in Australia, Forza Horizon 3’s map varies from gorgeous beaches to the wide open outback, with rainforests and cities in between. The game is built for Xbox One platforms but can also be played on Windows 10. It is also made to support 4K on the Xbox One S. The game also boasts over 350 cars, ranging from super cars to pure off-road vehicles with more to be released. Forza Horizon 3 also is adding new features to the game, including Drone Mode and Co-op Campaign. Drone Mode allows players to fly as a drone with the option to record their friends. As an added feature, the program has a Co-op campaign that allows players to interact with friends while still leveling up in the game. The official release in September 27, but those who purchase the Ultimate Edition can play as early as September 23. Whether you love cars or simply want a game in a different type of genre, Forza Horizon 3 is game that will certainly deliver.

Have a good day, mate, and we’ll see you on the open road!

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Maximize the Life of Your Chromebook With These Simple Tips

As much as the Cyber Crew loves to see people in the Tech Deck, consistent upkeep on your Chromebook is very important. To prevent issues from arising as well as maximize the life of your Chromebook, follow the simple tips outlined below:

  • Don’t have any food or drinks near your Chromebook.

    • If you spill something or get food on your Chromebook, it can ruin system components and possibly ruin the computer.

  • Don’t leave your computer in extreme heat or cold.

    • Extreme heat can make your CPU overheat and fry components; extreme cold can drain your battery.

  • Don’t put anything on top of your computer

    • Too much pressure on the screen can form cracks and other problems with the screen.

  • Don’t leave your computer on the charger too long.

    • If you leave it on the charger, it will wear out the battery and shorten battery life.

  • Don’t carry your computer with one hand or by the screen.

    • Despite you having the strength of a million men, it is much more likely you will drop the computer if you hold it with one hand or by the screen; also, holding it by the screen it can ruin the hinges.

  • Don’t take your computer deep sea diving.

    • This may seem obvious, but we felt you should know. This does ruin the computer and is not a very good idea.

For Optimal Usability, Please Shut Your Chromebook Down at the End of Each Day. The More you Know...

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Slow or No Internet at Home? Work-arounds for accessing Google Docs and Website Pages Offline

If you are plagued with slow internet access or simply don't have WIFI at home, all is not lost. Below are some options that will help you get your homework done in no time!

Pocket Extension for Google Chrome – The best way to save articles, videos and more

When you find something on the web that you want to view later, put it in Pocket. It automatically syncs to your phone, tablet or computer so you can view it at any time, even without an internet connection.

Extension Features:

* One-click saving of any page with the toolbar button or keyboard shortcut

* Integrated buttons on Twitter.com and Google Reader for one-click saving

* Right-click menu item to save any link, no need to load the page first

* Quickly add tags

* Syncs across all devices – iPhone, iPad, Android and more

* Completely free


For Google Docs offline:

*Click Main Menu on top left


*In Settings, find "offline sync"

*Click Ok

*Click Enable offline