Wallace Weekly

October 14, 2016

Dear Parents,

In your child's Friday folder, you will find a progress report. I highlighted each subject and the average for each subject. Please sign the progress report and return it to school in your child's Friday folder. Remember you can always check your child's grades on the parent portal and on your child's portal. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Please keep in mind dates for IOWA Testing (see On the Calendar section). Please be sure your child is here everyday and on time. Thank you for your help!

During the month of October, kids can buy a paper pumpkin for $0.50 to color. The money goes to support the United Way. Half of the money raised will come back to our school.

Enjoy your weekend.

Mrs. Wallace

What's my child learning?

Reading - Students will continue learning about main idea and supporting details. Main ideas is the most important part of the story and details explain the main idea or tell more about the main idea.

Word Study - We will learn about the vowels teams ee and ea. Both of these vowels teams make the long e sound. Word list: deep, feel, free, Greek, keep, meet, need, beat, east, eat, fear, hear, heat, and lead. Students are expected to spelling these words correctly in their writing

Math - Students will continue learning how to use base ten blocks, pictorial representations, and open number lines to solve addition and subtraction problems. We will use the same strategies as we solve word problems. Mrs. Wallace's math students will have a Math Test on Friday.

Social Studies - We will begin a unit on Force and Motion.

Grammar - We will continue learning about irregular past tense verbs like eat-ate and fly-flew.

Writing - Students learned how to write a lab report this week in writing. We learned that scientists ask questions about how the world works. Then they record a hypothesis, or a guess. They design an experiment to test the hypothesis and record the procedure. Next they conduct several trials and record the results. Finally scientists analyze results and write a conclusion. We will continue learning about this type of writing next week.

On the Calendar

Friday, October 14th - Progress Reports

Sunday, October 23rd - Happy Birthday Christopher

Wednesday, October 26th - IOWA Test

Thursday, October 27th - IOWA Test

Friday, October 28th - IOWA Test

Monday, October 31st - Fall into Learning

Wednesday, November 2nd - IOWA Testing

Thursday, November 3rd - IOWA Testing

Specials Rotation

Monday - Day 1

Tuesday - Day 2

Wednesday - Day 2

Thursday - Day 2

Friday - Day 3