Balancing Work and Family

Megan Kaufmann

Clarifying Values

  1. Can ease stress by becoming more aware of our values
  2. Modifying or prioritizing our values can be one way of easing role strain
  3. It is sometimes important for many of our values to remain unconscious

Set Priorities and Manage Time

  1. Setting priorities is effective to time management
  2. Try to plan and schedule activities that move us towards our goals
  3. Define your goals, then ask yourself questions

Set Realistic Goals and Expectations

  1. To ease role strain we can choose to put some goals on hold, let go of some, and modify others
  2. Assumptions usually come from our values and are harder to identify than our goals
  3. Choosing goals that are unrealistic can make us irritable and angry

Let Go and Understand Control

  1. Doing everything yourself can keep us from reaching our goals
  2. Understanding the satisfaction and power we get from performing certain tasks are important aspects of effectively delegating or dividing tasks
  3. Delegate or divide work to accomplish priority needs and wants