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December 5, 2014

Exchange City by Morgan

On December 11, 2014 5th grade took their field trip to Exchange City. We all had to go through a long process to find out our jobs.Exchange City was filled with ups and downs. We had people making good choices,and some not so good choices! But overall the experience was GREAT!!!

There were some silly laws in Exchange City like don't step on the grass, and no yelling, no running. But not many people got tickets If you did get a ticket you had to go to Judge Kariker with City Administration. The Mayor, Judge, Police officers, and ECLX radio had a VERY BUSY day reporting and trying to find the mystery prank caller.

Whether you were a manager, accountant, or employee everyone had a job to get done, whether it was delivering mail, writing checks or playing music everyone needed to get their tasks done.. The top items to buy were

  1. Bandanas from Sports Stop

  2. Stress Balls from Health and Wellness

  3. Song Requests from ECLX Radio

In order to complete everybody's needs you had to go to the Distribution Center and talk to the manager Elizabeth LaCapra. I asked her what it was like she said “Hard. Really Hard. Frustrating. EXTREMELY FRUSTRATING!! To the point where I wanted to pull my own hair out!” After the businesses got their supplies they could get to work..

Even though there was a lot of prank calls, stressed workers, people not being able to pay off their loan, and budgeting EVERYTHING most people enjoyed their experience.. There was a lot of fun at Exchange City. I'm sure 5th grade would love to do it again.

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Only the Shadow Knows Investigation by Elizabeth S. and Isabella

On Monday morning we went outside in the bus lot and looked at our shadows, this what we found.

At 8:40 am we went outside, the sun was southeast and the shadows were super long. The shadows were facing northwest and most of the shadow lengths were 6-7 meters long.

At 11:55 am we went out again, and the sun was facing south, and the shadows were pointing north. The shadows were short and looked more descriptive than before. Most of the shadows were 2-3 meters long.

At 2:01 pm we went outside for our last time, and the sun was in the southwest, and the shadows were facing northeast. The shadows were about a meter longer. Most of the lengths were around 3-4 meters long.

When we got back inside we were talking about what we saw. We observed that the sun was low the shadows were big, and the location of the sun and the shadow were opposites. Also the sun was at different angles when it changes the shadow.

Did you know that shadows can tell time by the angle and how it moves. There has to be light in order to have a shadow.

We also did a flashlight investigation where we made clay figures, and someone shined the light on the object to find the shadows. When we put the flashlight facing down it made the shadow large, and when we put the flashlight straight up on it, it made the shadow small.

We also made day and night by making Earth and putting an toothpick in for the axis. When we shined the flashlight on the Earth, it made day and on the other side it made night. That was how we made day and night.
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After a few review days, students took their Multiplying Decimals Test on Friday. We begin dividing decimals next week.

Next Week's Specials Calendar:

Monday, Dec. 15 - Day 3: Art

Tuesday, Dec. 16 - Day 4: Library

Wednesday, Dec. 17 - Day 0

Thursday, Dec. 18 - Day 0 (2nd Quarter Road Rallies)

Friday, Dec. 19 - Day 0

Upcoming Events:


12/17-Books and Breakfast in LMC (Students who signed up to read Pinch Hit) 7:15am

12/19- Winter Parties, 2:05-2:45/1st Sem. Ends

12/22-1/5 Winter Break


1/5- NO SCHOOL (Teacher Work Day)

1/6- School resumes & 3rd Quarter begins

1/7- CiCi’s Pizza Night, 4:30-8:00 pm

1/8- All Pro Dads 7:00 am (library)

1/13- PTA General Meeting 7:00 pm

1/16 - Grade Cards go home

1/22- Family Trivia Night

1/19- NO SCHOOL- Martin Luther King Day

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