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The expedition team of Francisco Vazquez de Coronado is credited with discovery of the Grand Canyon and several other famous landmarks in the America Southwest while searching for the legendary Seven Golden Cities of Cibola-which they never found.

Early Life

Legendary Spanish explorer Francisco Vazquez de Coronado was born in Salamanca, Spain, around 1510. According to some reports, he was the younger son of a wealthy aristocrat. Vanquez de Coronado had a fine upbringing, but no prospects of inheriting the family fortune. He instead sought to make it on his own in the new World.

Traveling to new Spain in 1535, Vazquez de Coronado enjoyed the support of Antonio de Mendoza, the viceroy of Mexico.He landed a position with the goverment and managed to marry well.His wife,Dona Beatriz, was the daughter of Alonso de Estrada, the colonial treasurer.Vazquez de Coronado rose up within the colonial government, receiving an appointment to the governorship of Nueva Galicia.

quick facts

His name: Francisco Vazquez de Coronado occupation: explorer
birth date:1510 Death date: September 22,1554 place of birth: Salamanca,Spain
place of death: Mexico City,Mexico full name: Francisco Vazquez de Coronado