Aspects of Religion

8 Aspects


What does belief mean?

A belief is a faith or a trust that someone has towards something, that there is no real object that can be given to a individual to prove in the belief they have.


What is a symbol?

A symbol is a way of showing all different things like peace and luck.


What is a Ritual?

A Ritual is a ceremony that is held where multiple things are held, established and fixed.

Sacred text

What is Sacred text?

Sacred texts are prayers written or mass's or worshiping.

Myths and stories

What are Myths and stories?

Myths and stories are all the different stories and prayers written about God or others.


What are Ethics?

Ethics are supernatural events that happen in a church environment.

Social structure

What is social structure?

The times, the people and the places that is involved in a organization.

Religious experience and spiritually

What is Religious experience and spiritually?

Involving yourself in a event in a church environment.