BYOD and Me

Motivate Students with Activities and Materials

Session Objectives:

· Teachers will discover the benefits of using BYOD in the classroom.

· Teachers will learn BYOD management for their students in the classroom.

· Teachers will gather BYOD resources to use in the classroom.

Success Criteria:

· I can develop BYOD rules for my classroom.

· I can implement BYOD classroom procedures.

· I can find and utilize BYOD resources.


BYOD is sometimes difficult, and some teachers tend to shy away from letting students use their personal devices in the classroom. The fact is that the students have them and they are going to use them, so why not harness that power for good instead of evil.

Your students will be involved and engaged in learning because they are getting to do something they want to do anyway.

Let's use these tools to our advantage! With the right management and direction, BYOD can be your best friend.