The First Continental Congress


The continental congress

I am in the first continental congress I am doing this because I am having a problem with great Britain also I am a delegate. A delegate is a person who acts or says something about a person or who said it already. Also we are meeting in September 5,1774. Also NJ sent 5 delegates but Georgia did not sent any delegates because they did not want to. Also we choose 5 delegates from each colony to represent them and were having problems with great Britain and I hate that I have to pay all the taxes because it is to much. And they close the harbor so that means we can't bring the ships in and out. What happens if my family dies for suffering for food and water and some supplies that we need. Also I am not going to let people live in my house and the people who are living in my house are soldiers and that is what I hate because I have to sleep on the floor and they sleep on my bed so this is horrible so that is what I hate.