By: Kiara Cruz Rivera

Dont Drink Alcohol!

Lots of people, especially adolescents, are starting to drink alcohol nowadays because it "helps them through their problems" or "its cool" and "its fun". Well, none of those things are true. Drinking alcohol has many consequences that can be life threatening to your peers and you. Don't start drinking because your friends say its cool or they start pressuring you. And if you have friends that do that, its time to find new friends!

Short Term Effects of Alcohol

The short term effects of drinking alcohol include slurred speech, drowsiness, vomiting, diarrhea, upset stomach, headaches, breathing difficulties, distorted vision/hearing, impaired judgement, decreased perception and coordination, unconsciousness, anemia (the loss of red blood cells), coma, and blackouts (memory lapses where the drinker cannot remember anything that occurred while intoxicated.)

Long Term Effects of Alcohol

If you continue to drink alcohol, the effects of intoxication can be longer. Some long term effects of BINGE DRINKING alcohol include unintentional injuries (car crash, falls, burns, drowning, etc.), liver disease, alcohol poisoning, sexual problems, nerve damage, and high blood pressure/stroke/other heart related diseases.

Prevention/Treatment of Alcohol

You may think drinking alcohol is cool, BUT ITS NOT! Drinking alcohol causes many things such as diseases, injuries, and even death. Preventing yourself from drinking alcohol includes:

1.) Don't give in to peer pressure! Firmly say "No" to alcohol.

2.) Don't start drinking in the first place! It isn't cool at all.

3.) Think about what would happen if you start drinking. Focus on the consequences of what would happen if you got intoxicated and caused someone or yourself harm.

If you're an alcoholic, ways you can treat it are:

1.) Counseling. Go to a counselor and talk about your addiction, they'll be able to help you get out of it.

2.) Set goals for yourself. For example, if you want to stop drinking COMPLETELY then set a goal for when you want to quit ( "I will stop drinking alcohol. My quit date is _______" ) or if you want to drink less, then set a goal for when you wont drink ( "I will not drink on weekdays/weekends/day" )

3.) Deal with your problems instead of drinking them away! The main reason people drink is because it helps them forget about problems they face. That isnt true AT ALL, it just makes it worse. If you have any problems, dont start drinking just to get rid of them, talk to somebody about them and they'll help you out.