Italian Project

Allie N, Ethan M, Elijah Y

Il Saluti/La Mimica-Greetings/ Gestures

One may say:

. ciao

. buongiorno


Manners for everyday life

.covers one's mouth when sneezing or yawning

. remove shoes when enter one's house or in front of others

. men take off their hat before entering a building

.Gesture's are mainly known in the South

. Rubbing fingers together indicates money

.pulling one's eyelid down can indicate you acknowledging one's cleverness

.slight head nod can mean "no"

. when one is lying, you may see them pull their hand away from their face or nose

American mainly greet new people with handshakes. They aren't as physical/ touchy. American's aren't as known with gestures, more of their accents from where they were born and raised in early-hood.

Il Aspetto Personale-Personal Appearance

  • Italian’s take pride in their appearance

  • wear casual clothing like jeans and sneakers

  • for graduations, weddings,work/ office people, bankers, they are more formal

  • . woman commonly wear makeup and jewelry

Fun Facts:

. most Italian's have dark colored hair and eyes
.often wear brand-name clothing and shoes, expensive clothing
American's also wear name brand clothing and casual wear in public. They wear special attire for work or special occasions.

La Mangiare e Dieta-Eating and Dieting

Manners While Eating

. eat typically with their hands above the table
. no elbows touch or leaning the table
.eat with a fork in left hand and knife in right
This also some of the main manners in America. Though, American's are starting to evolve with eating with their fingers.


. consists of light foods and drinks
. coffee, cappuccinos, and a cometto (cream-filled croissant)

Lunch and Dinner-
.consists like bigger and fuller meals
.pasta, fish or meat, and vegatables


this food is very different from the American way
.it is much healthier, thinner, and less "rich" in sauce and other ingredients

Donnatello- Bronze Equestrian Monument

This artwork was made for the honor and memory of 'Halian General Gattamelata' and his family.
. His family had requested for the sculpture for his death in 1443
.It was the first Renaissance Equestrian Statue that was displayed at the time
.Each piece of the sculpture is a symbol
.His work showed and facial expression on the statue showed seriousness; which showed individualism and humanism
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