By Mason Ely


Growing plants using mineral nutrient solutions, in water without soil.
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How Does It Work?

instead of planting your seed in soil you would be planting it in a mineral solution or something like perlite or gravel. Helps get nutrients to the plant faster and gives it the exact thing it needs.

What makes this technique cool?

Because it is important in the agricultural industry and grows a lot of the food we eat.

What can be grown using this technique?

Vegetables that grow beneath the soil. Avoid corn, zucchini, summer squash, and vine plants.

How much land is needed?

Different plants require a different amount of space.

Advantages and disadvantages

  • Cost is reasonable
  • No negative effect on the environment
  • No runoff
  • Can grow most plants
  • Not easy to use this technique in third world countries because materials are not available.
  • Have to avoid some plants
  • Practical because it does not take too much effort and it is very effective.

Is this technique used on a large or small scale?

Hydroponics is used on a large scale. The technique is used almost everywhere and is better for the environment and produces food faster. So many farming companies use this technique to grow food.