BWRSD Community Update 6/28/21

Summer Fun in the Sun in 2021!

BWRSD Community Members,

Friday, June 25, 2021, marked the end of a successful school year in BWRSD. Throughout the school year, our students have persevered with the help of school staff and support from all of you. The last school year has confirmed my belief that Good and Great Schools can only exist when they have parent/guardian and community wide support. BWRSD is fortunate to have had the high level of support necessary to make this school year possible.

Getting to the end of the school year required consistent effort on the part of school staff, but also from parents and guardians that supported and followed school rules, even at times when you did not agree with them. Thank you for keeping your children home when they exhibited cough/cold/Covid symptoms. Thank you for completing daily attestations and keeping the school nurse and nurse techs informed about your children's health status. Thank you for picking your children up from school and supporting virtual teaching when conditions required it.

Our community partners were invaluable this school year as well. They provided PPE materials and other supplies that kept our schools well stocked and able to be sanitized by our BWRSD team members. Thank you to the local and state partners that supplied hand sanitizer, paper placemats, led vaccine clinics, held virtual ceremonies and made this year possible. We were stronger because of your efforts.

It is my hope that you will help your children have a fun, educational and enriching summer. Please have them read books, magazines, newspapers, blogs, and quality materials. Help them to find math/science/technology related activities to pique their interest and engage them in critical thinking. Also help them to broaden their understanding of the world through arts and humanities related events such as visiting museums, as well as pursuing their own talents, interests, and career aspirations.

We are stronger when we work together and this school year proved it. Thank you for all your support and enjoy the 71 days until the first full day of school for the 2021-2022 school year in BWRSD.

Jonathan T. Brice

Superintendent of Schools

Bristol Warren Regional School District

“We made it through the 2020-2021 School Year.”

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Contents of this Update:

1. Upcoming School Committee Meetings

2. Hope & Main 2021 Schoolyard Summer Market Season

1. Upcoming School Committee Meetings

School Committee Regular Business Meeting - Monday, June 28, 2021 at 7pm (In-person/Virtual)

Personnel/Contract Negotiations Subcommittee Meeting - Tuesday, June 29, 2021 at 5pm (Virtual)

2. Hope & Main 2021 Schoolyard Summer Market Season

Hope & Main is launching their 2021 Summer Market Season this Wednesday, June 30th, from 4-7pm.

They are offering free school lunches and free dinners to anyone who attends the market, no pre-ordering or registration required, just visit the big white tents in the backyard. The markets also have a weekly kids cooking/nutrition demo called Schoolyard Snacks.

Please see the attached flyers below for more information about What's Local Wednesday.