Electricity and Magnetism

By: Ronald And Wilson

Static Electricity by Friction

Static Electricity by friction is caused when two types of atoms are rubbed together causing the protons of both atoms interact causing them to be charged. it causes them to stay connected with each other until an outward force acts on it.

Static Electricity by Induction

Static Electricity by Induction is the charging of an object without touching the object. to understand this process, you need to understand the nature of a conductor and understand the polarization process.
Cranbrook Physix 32a: part 1: Static Electricity and Induced Charge Gerson Physics

Static Electricity by Conduction

Static Electricity by Conduction is the contact of a charged object to a neutral object. when a charged aluminum plate enters in contact with a neutral metal sphere, the sphere will become positive charged.

Alternating and Direct Current with electrons

In DC, the electrons flow steadily in one direction, or "forward." In AC, electrons keep switching directions, sometimes going "forward" and then going "backward."

Relationship among voltage with electrons

Voltage is the energy of an electrical supply stored in the form of an electrical charge. Voltage can be thought of as the force that pushes electrons through a conductor and the greater the voltage the greater is its ability to push the electrons through a given circuit.

Resistance and Current

Free electrons move through conductors. This motion is called resistance. The amount of current in a circuit depends on the amount of voltage available to move the electrons, and also the amount of resistance in the circuit is the against of the electron flow. Just like voltage, resistance is a relation between two points.

Simple and Parallel Circuits

Simple Circuit is only a one way circuit where the flow of electrons is in one way. Parallel Circuit is a circuit where there is two or more paths where the electrons can flow.

electromagnets in relationship with magnetism

When you pass an electric current through a metal wire above a compass, you are able to see in which way is the current going. In where magnetism can be seen and which way the electromagnets can move with the magnetic field.

simple motors and permanent magnets

When the magnet enters a magnetic field, it makes the motor to operate causing it to work including the machine it gives motion to. An example is a motor in the electric cars.