Sewing Machine foe Sell!!

By Octavia Williamson


Tired of making clothes by hand? Do you hate wasting your time sewing? Well, the sewing machine is the right thing for you!!! With this machinery, you'll be making clothes at ease within the comfort of your home in no time!

How does it work?

The sewing machine uses a straight eye pointed needle, transverse shuttle, overhanging arm and other parts to make its magic. The table is used to support the machine percisely, and the presser foot is there to hold the material against the needle's upward stroke. The roughened feed wheel extends through a slot in the table. Gears are used to make the motion from the needle arm and shuttle. The machine needs to be cranked using the hand crank to generate power.


Time isn't a problem for the sewing machine. The chart shown below proves that the sewing machine works more than five times faster than the hands of a human. So many possibilities can come from this one machine!! Will you be in on it?
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