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Springs Studio for Academic Excellence, August Edition

A Note from Executive Principal, Mr. Knoche

Welcome back! As we finish our first week back in 2019-2020, we want to reflect on the week and ensure that moving forward our communication is strong. You may have noticed that technology is a tremendous gift of our generation, but it is by no means perfect or 100% reliable. We had a few technical hiccups and glitches, and we appreciate that everyone has been very patient and understanding. These are the life lessons that teach students to manage stress and deal with adversity. As we move into next week, the flow will become more natural, and our tech issues will fade away. We have on-boarded nearly 415 students and spend significant time working on building connections and relational capacity. We firmly believe that students do not learn from teachers they do not like and do not know. Nearly all families have been introduced to what we do here at SSAE, but it will take you time to settle in if you are new. We reinforce with our students that if you are not asking questions, you are not doing this correctly. This is a big shift for many, and we want to extend that same thinking to parents. If you have questions, the first place to seek answers should be with your teacher or students success coaches. If they cannot help you find a resolution, then please reach out Mr. Barela our AP, Amanda Pethtel our Dean of Academics, or myself. The SSAE staff directory can be found by clicking here. We will be sending out grade level HS and MS newsletters reflecting on the first week and helping bridge the communication between home and school. Our staff is passionate, dedicated, and ready to go for the year. This will be one of the best school years ever, mark my words! Thanks for trusting SSAE and being a partner in our school.


Dave Knoche


All new and returning parents of 6th-12th grade students will need to fill out this form for an Edgenuity Parent Portal Account. http://bit.ly/ssae-edgenuity

Please complete this by Wednesday, August 14th. We will use this information to verify your accounts with the correct email addresses if you are a returning parent. If you are a parent of a new student, we will be creating your parent portal account and will be sending you an email with your parent portal code as well as setting up your progress reports which will come from Edgenuity.

This process is not automated and will take some time as it is done individually for each student by hand. Our goal is to have this set up by next week. If you would like to see your student's grades before your portal is set up, then you can ask your student to log in and show you their grades. We appreciate your patience as we get everything set up that you need to ensure your student's success.

Thank you,

Amanda Pethtel

Dean of Academics

Springs Studio for Academic Excellence


Parent University

Please take a minute to review our Parent University page on our website. This is where we will house all trainings and helpful information.

Off-Campus Policy

Please review our off-campus policy and if you wish for your student to remain on campus during lunch, please complete the form and return.

Affidavit and Health Forms

Please be sure to complete the Affidavit of Residency and Health form if you have not done so already. These forms are to be completed annually. All forms must be turned in by August 29th. Forms can be emailed - ctoffel@d49.org, faxed - 719-323-6465, or turned in at the front office.

Upcoming Events

Be sure to check our website calendar for detailed information (times/descriptions)

8-15 - Elementary Dibel Testing

8-16 - First Day of Elementary (in building)

8-27 - Advisory Committee Open House (Engineering/Architecture)

8-29 - Space Camp Informational Meeting

8-30 - Professional Development - No Students