USA and Canada

By Isiah Mejia


In the early times of these two gents, at the end of the Revolution about 75,000 Loyalist moved out of the United states and into the lands Quebec.In the mid and late 1900's prospector moved to the British Columbia for the gold rush. In the 20th century with the opening of land blocks in the Prairie Providences, attracted farmers to the midwest.

Canadian and USA Goverment

Canada has a Democratic Constitutional Monarchy, with a head and an elected prime minister as head of government. The responsibilities are shared between federal, provincial and territorial Government. Their Sovereign head Is Queen Elizabeth II with Governor General Viceroy to represent her. The USA's government is a Democracy with three branches to handle the functions. There is a legislative, executive and judicial branch. Each can affect one another so one is not as powerful as the other. The people also can vote who represents the executive branch.

Economy Of The Two Gents

Both USA and Canada have one of the largest and most comprehensive trading relationship. They both support millions of jobs and exchange of goods and services within them. They both also have a large investment relationship as well, USA is Canada's largest investor while Canada is USA's 3rd largest. USA's investment would be in mining and smelting while Canada's would be in finance and insurance.


Canada actually has less than 50% Canadians, they have a mixture of English, French, Scottish, Irish, German and Italian. This gives variety in their way of living. The USA's population consist of white, african Americans, Hispanic and Asian. This type of culture can't be different in certain parts of the country, like Texas compared to New York. This would also be the same for Canada.

What These Two Stallions Have In Common

These two where once both part of Great Britain until the USA's declared its independence and went through a war. They also share two borders where hundreds of thousands of people cross, these two countries work closely together on multiple levels.