Villa Ed International Update

July 2018

Villa Education Trust operates 3 school in Auckland

Today we farewell a group of 20 students at South Auckland Middle School from Hongkong.

  • They have had local homestays

  • ESOL 4 hrs every morning in dedicated classes

  • Integrated learning with kiwi buddy in afternoon classes

  • Cultural and Local trips in weekends and after school

  • Formal welcome and Formal graduation farewell.

Next Term [July 23]

  • At MHMS 6 boys [living with family] and 3 girls [homestay] individual students spent 2 - 6 weeks with us

  • SAMS 25 students join in with our classes for 2 weeks

  • MSWA 10 students from Japan join in with us

Later in the term a family from Saudi will join us for 12 months at MHMS

So we are thrilled and at our capacity to provide quality international educational experiences.

Term 4 booking's are open:

  • MHMS is the ideal place to commence the NZ educational experience. Starting in a Middle school allow cultural and language adjustment so as to them move into one of Aucklands perimer secondary schools.

  • SAMS or MSWA are places where groups can engage with kiwi kids in dynamic and meaningful manner for 2 - 6 weeks exchanges