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Class of 2027

News Report

Red Ribbon week was a blast! Each day we got to celebrate being drug free. We hope that your child comes home and talks about the great performance with Magic Mike, the magician. He taught them about building character and making the right choices in life. He amazed them with magic and taught them a few tricks as well.

First Grade Learning of the Week:

MyPISD is up and working and we need your help in letting us know if you are able to get in. Please email your child's teacher if you are not able to get in. Next week, we will no longer send out a Smores Newsletter and you will need to visit myPISD for the learning of the week, updates and other additional items.


exploring math facts and noticing a pattern when adding numbers

solving subtraction stories and checking the answer using addition

telling time to the hour

Language Arts/Social Studies:

retelling the story using beginning, middle and end

finding evidence in the text to support answers over what was read

writing a story from a different point of view

continuing to explore homes of people and animals around the world


Students explore methods and ideas engineers use in order to understand engineering and design involve invention and innovation as a thinking and doing process.

Field Trip: Wednesday, January 20th to the Outdoor Learning Center. 11:20 am return to school at 2:15 pm.

Library: Please make sure your child brings his/her book back in order to check out other books. Thank you for helping us help your child be responsible.


The PACE Referral deadline is December 9, 2015 for ALL students, K-5. Referrals can be obtained at this site:


Please print your referral from this site and after completing the required details, return it to our campus Gifted Specialist, Margot Anderson. Questions? Please contact Mrs. Anderson at margot.anderson@pisd.edu.

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