Dwarf Stars

By: Blake France

Different fases

The stars have different fases and different colors. The hottest stars are Blue, the stars that are semi hot are orange and yellow. After trillions of yesrs stars are red, some are called red giants because they expand. Once a star is out of feul it turns into a white star, this is the core of the sun. After a while it will eventually turn into a black dwarf star.


The Dwarf stars' gravity pulls the atmoshpere close around its self, If this happened on earth the atmosphere would be below our skyscrapers.The majority of star are dwarf stars. Stars last of a very long time. stars at thier blue form are going to be around for more than 100 trillion years!

Our Sun and red giants.

Our sun is a Yellow dwarf star, this means our sun will become a "red giant". Red giants are stars that are running out of fuel and expand. when our sun is a red giant it will consume the inner planets including Earth. This will happen in a few billion years.
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Red Dwarf Stars: The Embers of Creation