A Peek at the Week

September 23, 2018

I pray this weekend has been a time of rest for you. I also pray that you believe that you really do work in an amazing school! As I have reflected on our week, especially Thursday, I am blown away by the amount of effort that goes into our plans for our kids. I know it is difficult for you to know what happens all over our building due to our size, so I wanted to make sure you were able to see what you might have missed. We put a lot of photos and videos on our FB page, but here are more. I tried not to miss anyone, and I apologize if I did. Take a look at the AWESOMENESS that is Cedar Grove just because of you!

Open House

Bi-Lo will be here Tuesday night for our Open House. They are once again providing a free hot dog supper for our school families. I am blown away by their kindness! They will be grilling and serving hot dogs in the reading garden. Please plan to come out around 5:00 and get a hot dog before you welcome your families into your classroom. Families will be coming in around 5:20. Please use this time to get everyone signed up on SeeSaw, display work, and update your contact information if needed.

We do not have a conference day scheduled into our calendar this year. But- talking with parents in detail about grades and academics is so important. I would like for you to plan to speak with all of your parents at the end of this nine weeks. You can conduct a phone conference if you would like to do so, but please keep in mind, that if you have students who are really struggling, showing work samples goes a long way in ensuring parents understand the needs their child may have. Also, as we move through the year, please remember that if a child is failing a subject in your class, parents should be hearing from you even if you are sending home work folders.


Please make sure that you can see all of your students during recess. If you go to the Pirate Ship playground and are out with all of your grade level, make sure you all are scattered so that you can see the blacktop, the track, and the playground area. Remember that depending on your student's needs, you can take a 15 minute morning and afternoon recess if that helps them to focus in class more. But, please do not stay outside in the afternoon longer than 30 minutes. Staying outside longer than 30 minutes at a time increases the chances for discipline issues and adds to the not having enough time to get to everything issue.

We have had numerous issues at recess already. These issues typically deal with being mean to others and fighting. We are working on trying to find more for our kids to do at recess so that this time will be used to get energy out in a good way. If you find that your class tends to get into a lot of issues during that time, consider going to another playground to give them more of their own space where there are not so many students playing.


Please place your class schedule outside of your door.

Upcoming Dates:

Sept. 25th: Open House 5:30-6:30, 3rd PD at DO in the morning, 4th PD at DO in the afternoon

Oct. 2nd: Rikki Brown at school all day if you have insurance needs

Oct. 9th: 5th PD at DO in the afternoon

Oct. 10th: Faculty Meeting

Oct. 17th: Fall Pics make-up day