President Jimmy Carter

Ireland, Daniel, and Edger

Panama Canal Treaty Signed

Carter had to convince the senate to ratify the treaty Carter administration succedded and passed the Panana Canal Treaty. On September 7, 1977, Jimmy Carter signed the Panama Canal Treaty and Neutrality Treaty promising to giv contrl of the Canal to the Panamanians by the year 2000.

The impact of the treaty was that the U.S. and Panama were cooperation, after that tensions grew and the US invaded Panama operates the canal. Transfer of ownershi of the Panama Canal occured peacefully as planned on December 31, 1999.

Three-Mile Island Incident

The Three-Miles Island was an accident at a nuclear plat in Harrisburg, PA. There were mechanical and human errors,. The partial meltdown released radioaction gasses.

Because of the accident the US decided to stop nulear power plants.

Boycott Of Olympics In Moscow

In order to protest the Soviet Unions invasion in Afghanistan, Carter proposed a boycott in the 1980 Olympics taking place in Moscow, Russia. Against the athletes liking, Carter reaffirmed the United States boycott unless the USSR withdrew from Afghanistan. The boycott spread to other countries such as Japan, West Germany, China, Phillipines and Canada.

United States boycott was viewed as a sentimental protest rather than something to be taken seriously.

Operation Eagle Claw

Iranian Hostage situation six months in which no progress in diplomatic reasoning. The rescue, heavily air based, takes a crash and burn with three of eight helicopters failing. When the mission was being withdrawn, a retreating helicopter crashed with another transport planes, ending with eight soldiers dead and five critically injured. The 52 hostages were kept for 270 days, then when angered trams political and religion leader continued to hold them captive for another 14 months. The day Reagan was inaugurated $8 billion of frozen arrests were freed, and the hostages were released within 444 days, Jimmy Carter flew to West Germany to greet them on their way home.

Failure of president, desperate and numerous attempts continued to fail, diplomatic or no.

Iran Hostage Crisis Situation

November 4, 1979

Diplomatic crisis between Iran nd the United States, resulted in a hostage situation of 66 American diplomats for 444 days. Carter found this as an act of terrorism and was unable to find a diplomatic solution in order for the hsotges to be returned home .

Crisis is beginnning of U.S legal action resulting in negative ties with Iran.


1. How many helicopters exploded in the failure of Operation Eagle Claw?

2. What caused the meltdown on Three-Mile Island?

3. How many people were held for hostage?

4. When was the Panama Canal made?