Attention Getters & Engagement

Whole Brain Update by Coach Kaye

Attention Getters

Do you feel that you need more than Class - Yes?

It's time to change it up!

First, be sure you are changing your voice, high, low, funny, goofy, fast, slow.

You need to vary the responses to keep students engaged.

4 Minute Video with examples:

Don't forget about Class - Boom! Teacher, "5 x 7 Boom!" Kids, "35, Boom!"

Below are a few more options to try out. Use one new one each week.

Thanks to Jorgia for passing along

& Amanda Madden –, for the graphics.

Engagment Ideas

Whole Brain Toys - p. 157 - 161

Are you using Brain Toys? If not, add one in next week. Here are a few ideas:

Story Gestures: Have students retell the story, article, or concept with gestures. "First, (hold up one finger) the character drove to town (pretend to drive a car)... Second (hold up two fingers) the boy ate pizza (pretend to each pizza)... Third (hold up three fingers) mom scolded him (pretend to scold)..." etc.

Before that, use the Crazy Professor Reading Game. Use with any subject or story.

Check it out here:\

Because Clapper: If you haven't used this yet, now is the time to start. Whenever students answer a question, they clap one hand over the other, state "because", and continue with their answer. This is a great example of Critical Thinking. This is also effective to use during Think- Togethers during whole group class time. Be sure to demonstrate in your Think Aloud.


"Condensation occurs often in the summer because (clap) the warm air mixes with..."

"Put quotation marks around the dialogue because (clap) it shows what the person is saying."

Coach Kaye

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