Literary Devices Found in Two Kinds

Naivi Garcia 8/24/12


The story took place in San Francisco's Chinatown, in a street named sacramento.  The mother came to San Francisco in 1949 after loosing everything in china.
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Jing-Mei a young chinese teenage girl whos lazy and cant find a talent. And her mother, a chinese immigrant, trying very hard to make her a prodigy.
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The mother wants Jing-Mei to have a talent at something, she makes her daughter try so many stuff and she fails on it. For example she asked Old Chong to give her daughter piano lessons. But Old Chong is deaf, therefore she really isnt learning how to play it also Jing-Mei doesnt like playing the piano, so she doesnt try her best. Then Jing-mei has a performance to do and she embarrasses her mother infront of everybody. Once the talent show was done her mother leaves the place along with her family without a word because she was very dissapointed. A few days pass by and her mom tells Jing-mei that theres practice again and they both start to argue that it came to the point where Jing-Mei brings up the things that will hurt her mother. It was badly that as Jing-Mei was growing up she didnt go to college, she moved out and her mother given up hope on her. A day came up where the mom surpises her at her house and she offers her the piano for her 30th birthday, But a few months before her mother dies.
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Internal Conflict

The internal conflict is when the daughter feels like she cant ever be what her mothers wants her to be. And the mother wants to make her a prodigy.
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External Conflict

The external conflict is when the mother slaps the daughter because Jing-Mei refuses to practice her piano lessons. And also when they start to argue and scream at eachother.


The theme is that she never became anyhting her mother wanted her to be. She got no where in life when she moved out.


The piano is the symbolic of the mother and daughter somewhat apology.
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In the mirror she doesnt really see herself because shes so mad and upset that her mother wants her to be someone she really isnt. She also notices that shes strong and that she doesnt have to listen to what her mother wants her to be. This relates to the title "Two Kinds" because of the mother wanting her to be someone else.
As the daughter failed on everything her mother wanted her to be, she got no where in life. all the arguments and screaming was for no reason if the daughter never wanted to be what her mother wanted her to be. although they kinda did apologize to eachother at the end but in reality the mother just gave up hope on her.
How she lost her whole family, and that Jing-mei never had a talent just like her mother. Jing-mei is falling in her steps because she lost her family too when she moved out, and also when her mother died she lost her their too.