Leadership Notes

New for 2014

I will send a bi-weekly newsletter to our leadership group rather than weekly emails (Which have been bi-weekly lately).

Hopefully this proves to be easier for you and not take up anymore email space.

I am hopeful this is a better way to provide professional articles, videos, and information that is needed to be up to date with the K-12 world.


Thank you!

Travis and Bill were busy this week restoring power and internet/email. Thank you to them and their crew for working over the holidays to make sure our students and staff are coming back to warm, well lit classrooms!

Curriculum Council

C.I.A. met before break. Thank you to all of you for your help in establishing a group of teachers ready to take on leadership roles.

K-5: Meeting again on Jan. 9 (DRA2 is of course the main topic)

Last meeting we discussed the why and will determine the how and what on Jan 9th.

The big picture? Teachers MUST use this data to help inform- not to just comply with what we ask them to report.

6-8: Big Items? Collins writing and Formative assessments. MS is really digging into their grading practices. Easy? NO! but well worth the battle- Pat Kevin on the back when you see him!

9-12: Big Item? Formative Assessments tat are common and become a regular part of the instructional day.

6-12 will meet on Jan 13th with Roy Sovis to work on building a toolbox of formative assessments and to start aligning 6-12 curriculum and instructional practices.

Splitting the groups up seem to be more productive- please give any feedback you may have heard.

MLK Day is Coming!

The breakout sessions are coming together nicely!

Remember- we have 3 breakout sessions: You MAY ask your teachers to attend sessions you feel are important for their growth- we will have Domains and Components attached to each sessions.

I suggest if you are asking your teachers to attend a session allow them to have at least one session of choice.

A survey will be sent out Jan 7th for them to choose breakouts.

I would like to get a few more secondary sessions. Please ask a lead teacher if they are willing to run a 40 min breakout and let me know ASAP.

Our keynote panel will run a breakout in the auditorium as well.

I am meeting with Aaron over break to help frame his message.

We are celebrating diversity (of all kinds).

Please verify with me your building agendas.

K-5 Math data meetings (what do you need from me on this?)

6-8 Grading practices with Gross Ile Staff/ICU

9-12 Formative Assessments with Roy Sovis

Academy STAR with Andrea

Just in case you missed it- here is his TedX talk last year:

Allow Students to do the Impossible: Aaron Donaghy at TEDxClaremontColleges

Smarter Balanced Assessments

Yes- we are back to Smarter Balanced!

Travis and I will be walking through buildings on Jan 14th.

He has run a tech analysis already - we will be looking for possible testing spaces (with bringing in carts)

Not sure the schedule of the day - we will get with you on the times.

Key- As we move forward with devices- we will look for tools that meet requirements for state testing but also can be used on a daily basis to climb the SAMR ladder.

Leadership Meetings for Jan.

Thursday, Jan. 16th, 12-4pm

8197 Miller Road

Swartz Creek, MI

Leadership Meetings for Jan.

Thursday, Jan. 30th, 12-4pm

1 Dragon Drive

Swartz Creek, MI