february 25

in-person and livestreamed via YouTube

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Board of Education Meeting | February 25, 2021


recognition of the school nurses

The Board and District 25 Administration honored, recognized, and thanked the District 25 nurses for their commitment and contributions to the District 25 students, staff, and community.

The guidance and leadership the nursing team has given while managing the COVID-19 pandemic have been outstanding. Our nurses have worked tirelessly to ensure all students and staff are provided with the best care and most up-to-date guidance from the Illinois Department of Public Health and the Cook County Department of Public Health.

Click here to watch the recognition ceremony.

Several people addressed the Board during the public comments portion of the meeting. Those public comments begin at the 6:24 mark of the meeting and can be viewed by clicking here.

Public comments were also submitted via an online Google form prior to the meeting. Comments received prior to 12 pm (noon) on Thursday, February 25, 2021 were read aloud at the meeting during the allotted time. The reading of those comments begin at the 45:50 mark of the meeting and can be viewed by clicking here.

Some comments were not read aloud at the meeting due to running out of the allotted time for public comment. Any public comments submitted prior to the start of the meeting at 7:30 pm on Thursday, February 25, 2021, are available in full and can be read by visiting www.sd25.org/0225Comments.


informational item


Each year, District 25 gathers information about our students' achievements using standardized assessments to assist teachers in differentiating instruction, to aid in the evaluation of teachers, to make placement decisions, and to serve as a temperature check on how our students meet the state standards. Our primary assessment focus during the pandemic has been on differentiating instruction and providing responsive instruction to meet all of our students' needs.

This assessment update will look a bit different from previous years, as adjustments were made to our districtwide assessment calendar last spring and this year to accommodate our multiple instruction modes due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

To view a PDF of the presentation, click here.

To watch this presentation, click here.

To watch the discussion by the Board about this presentation, click here.


informational item


This was presented to our Board of Education to inform them of the following: District 25 was presented a check in the amount of $35,324 on February 3, 2021 from our workers' compensation insurance carrier as a result of us completing the one-year "HELP" program. With the continued support of Ryan Schulz and Daniel Mendoza in the Facilities Management Department, Coletta Hines-Newell in Food Service, and Beth Satera in the Business Office, District 25 was able to meet the requirements of the program and receive a rebate check in the amount of 10% of our worker compensation insurance premium.

To watch this portion of the meeting, click here.


action item


South Middle School Summer Renovations

The Board of Education approved bid packages #1, #2, and #3 as presented for work on South Middle School. (For a complete list of bid packages and alternate big packages, click here to visit BoardDocs and navigate to the Facilities Management section on the agenda.)

The scope of work defined in this agenda item is to address HVAC and gym upgrades to South Middle School. The items contained in this award were presented to the Board of Education during the fall of 2020 for their review and approval for projects to be considered for 2021.

When adding all three bids, the total fiscal impact for this project is $1,884,500.

To watch this portion of the meeting, click here.


action item


Memorandum of Understanding with Arlington Teachers Association (ATA)

Representatives of the Board and the ATA met to negotiate the impact of the Transitional Model of Reopening Step 4 beginning no sooner than January 19, 2021 if the agreed upon metrics were met. This memorandum memorializes the agreements reached by the parties on those items discussed.

"Again, I want to thank the ATA for a very positive and collaborative process." - Board President, Brian Cerniglia

To view a PDF of the memorandum of understanding, click here.

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action items


Board Governance Framework developed on November 30, 2020, December 9, 2020, and February 11, 2021 in the Self-Evaluation Workshops

To view a PDF of the Board Governance Framework, click here.


Second Reading of Policy - 2:230

To view a PDF of this policy, click here.


Transitional Model of Reopening

To view a PDF of this presentation, click here.

To watch this presentation, click here.

To watch board discussion after this presentation, click here.

During this presentation, Dr. Bein spoke on a number of topics. The recommendations and direction came from this presentation were as follows:

  • that the District continues in its current learning model (www.sd25.org/Step4Guide) at least while the State of Illinois is in Phase 4.
  • that the District holds its annual summer school program, Summer U (www.sd25.org/SummerU), in-person, and five days a week.
  • that the District will offer Extended School Year (ESY) both in-person and remote.
  • that the District plans for the 2021-2022 school year be five full days of in-person learning. If remote learning is offered, it would change to the format of a remote academy taught separately from in-person instruction.

informational items


As the Board of Education prepared to finalize their Board Governance Framework, Superintendent Dr. Bein wanted to review the format of the Board meetings, and make any adjustments that the Board would like to consider for the future. These are items that the Board discussed:

  1. Livestreaming Meetings
    Will livestream all future meetings
  2. Meeting Location
    Will hold all future meetings at the Dunton Administration Building
  3. Community Input
    Will add a second Community Input section to end of meetings
    Continue allowing submission of electronic public comments and will discuss further if accepting electronic public comments during the meeting is possible
  4. Future Agenda Topics
    Will add an ongoing agenda item titled 'Future Agenda Topics' where Board members can discuss the possible agenda items for future meetings
  5. Agenda Item Labels
    The Board will continue to label agenda topics as either 'ACTION' or 'INFORMATION'
  6. Recommended Motion Language
    The Superintendent will continue putting together suggested motions as a place for the Board to start for Board meetings
  7. Additional Community Engagement
    The intent is to coordinate some additional opportunities for Board members to be available to the community, but the details are yet to be determined
  8. Committee Assignments and Procedures
    Dr. Bein will come back to the Board with potential additional committee assignments for the Board
  9. Arlington Heights Joint Board Meetings
    Dr. Bein will look into the possibility of holding joint Board meetings with the Village, the Park District, the Library and other community organizations
  10. Upcoming Board Meeting Dates
    April 8 will remain a regular meeting
    April 22 meeting will move to April 29 with Board of Education reorganization

The Board discussed each item at length and that discussion can be viewed by clicking here.


First Reading of Policy - Press 106

For a PDF of the policy, click here.


School Board Meeting

Thursday, March 18th, 7:30pm

1200 South Dunton Avenue

Arlington Heights, IL

This meeting will be held at the Dunton Administration Building and will be livestreamed via YouTube. That link will be posted on the Board Agenda page (www.sd25.org/BoardAgenda) the week of the meeting.

This meeting will allow audience members in the room. We will have an overflow room(s) available as well, where the meeting will be livestreamed.

Visit www.sd25.org/BoardAgenda closer to the day of the meeting for the most accurate details of how the meeting will be held.

Public Comments

Anyone who has a public comment and is not going to attend the meeting in-person is welcome to submit their comment using the following process by filling out the public comments Google Form.

Meeting Recordings

A video of the meetings will be recorded and uploaded to our site the following day on the 'Board Agenda' page and on our 'Catch up on Meetings' page.

Please note that not every item at the meeting will be detailed on the Board Buzz. This is intended to hit the topics of high interest to the community. For the full agenda for each meeting, visit www.sd25.org/BoardAgenda.