Nagle College Comunity

By Andrea Calubad

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Cynthia Calubad

Cynthia is a mother of three and has worked as a registered nurse for almost twenty years. She grew up in a small area in the Philippines in Valenzuela City and has travelled and worked in parts of the UK.

I understand you were born in Quezon City in The Philippines. Can you tell me more about your life there?

I was just born in Quezon City. I grew up in Valenzuela, another suburb in a part of Manila where my brothers were born.

What was it like growing up in Valenzuela?

Growing up in the Philippines? It's really, really fun. We used to play on the street and I had lots of friends to play with. Lots of people to talk to. It seems like we're all relatives and family in our neighbourhood. Coming from work you don't even feel tired because of the atmosphere and there are always people around you. I have three brothers, I'm the eldest. We have very close family ties. When I was young my dad worked in Saudi Arabia for five years and the family has a small convenience store.

What kind of schools did you attend?

When I was in primary I went to a public school, in secondary (high school) I attended a Catholic school and I took up a Bachelor of Science in University

You attended a Catholic high school. Is this also why you applied your daughter at Nagle?

It's because we are Catholic and I want her to grow up with Catholic beliefs. I grew up in a religious environment and all of the family are Roman Catholics.

What do you like about the Nagle Community?

Whenever I go there the staff are always warm and friendly. They're always welcoming and the school system is great, always updating parents through newsletters and emails.

You've travelled to a number of countries. Where did you go and why?

After I finished university I went overseas to work. I worked in Scotland when I was still single. That was where I first experienced working in a nursing home, looking after aged people, which started my love for them and working as a nurse. It was a great experience for me because of what I've learnt from my profession and from what I've learnt from them. I had a lovely experience travelling. I was able to go to London, part of England and Scotland. Just to travel with my friends.

Did you settle down in the UK after travelling a bit?

After Scotland I went back to the Philippines to get married and we had our first daughter there. Years later, my husband and I moved to North Wales with our daughter, where I had my second child.

When did you move to Australia?

We moved to Australia after three years of living in the UK (2009) for more/better work opportunities. Also where my third daughter was born.

Do you visit the Philippines often?

I go to the Philippines for holidays, the longest is six weeks. I go with my family every three to four years to visit relatives to just relax and travel.