Sphero Unit

Saving Superman

Ipad Monthly Newsletter: Created by Paul Hamilton. Lessons contributed by Michael Cohen, Drew Minock, Reshan Richards, Richards Wells, Troy Metcalf, Craig Smith & Steve Banbury.

Task 1: Create a rescue device using recycled material that can be powered by a Sphero Ball.

Task 2: Using the Tickle App program your device so that it can avoid obstacles, collect and return superman safely home.

Requirements: Students are to record failures and success through a learning/coding journal. Snapshots of design, code and thinking should be recorded throughout the unit. This will become the basis of assessment (not the end product).

This Unit is best performed in small groups 2/3 so that collaboration can occur.

Stimulus video for the students:

Sphero Unit Saving Superman Trailer

Allow students time to take notes on the Movie Trailer. Ask the questions:

What is the task?

What do I have to make?

What will help me succeed?

Video Task:

Here is a video explaining what you have to do.

Task: Saving Superman
Lessons on basic coding using Tickle App below:
Tickle App Sphero Robot tutorial SavingSuperman

Task setup: Note: these dimensions can be altered to challenge each students depending on age and ability.

Distance: 1m

Obstacles: Place cardboard according to individual students and age. Suggested middle obstacle .5m and 20cm wide

Materials: Figurine, toilet roll, masking tape, Sphero Ball, iPad, Tickle App

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Book Creator Learning/Coding journal examples:

Setup learning/coding journal using the Book Creator App.

Encourage students to record and analyse everything the team does from sketches, to videos of trial runs. Especially after each attempt.

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Australian Curriculum Links:

AU: F-10: Technologies (Draft)

AU: Years 3 - Years 4

Achievement Standard: Design and Technologies

Year 3 and 4 Achievement Standard

Students describe how the features of technologies can be used to produce designed solutions for each of the prescribed technologies contexts.

Students develop and expand design ideas and communicate these using models and drawings including annotations and symbols. Students plan and sequence major steps in design and production.

Achievement Standard: Digital Technologies

Year 3 and 4 Achievement Standard

Students define simple problems, design and implement digital solutions using algorithms that involve decision-making and user input.

Students explain how the solutions meet their purposes.


Year 4 Content Descriptions

Geometric reasoning

Compare angles and classify them as equal to, greater than or less than a right angle (ACMMG089)

Statistics and Probability

Identify events where the chance of one will not be affected by the occurrence of the other (ACMSP094)


Concepts/ Rationale

It focuses on developing creativity, innovation and coding skills with 8-9 year olds. It involves students:

-designing and creating a rescuing device powered by a Sphero robot ball device

-coding the robot ball to move, avoid obstacles and collect a superman figurine

-personal development - the power of the mind to do good and contribute society

-we all can be heroes