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September 19, 2016

Ms. Miller's Desk


I will begin Fall Conferences on Monday, September 26. Students will be released at 12:15 on Wednesday, September 28 & Thursday, September 29. If you have not signed up for a conference time, please contact me ASAP with a day and time that works for you.

Retest Policy

We do not retest daily/classroom grades. If your child receives a score of 69 or below on any end of unit assessment he/she will be given the opportunity to retake a comparable assessment. The student will be asked to correct their work on the original assessment. The students will also receive remediation in small group and one on one during class time, bus call, and sometimes at recess time. In the grade book you will be able to identify the original score and retest score by looking at the score entered. For example, if your child scored a 65% on the original test and an 80% on the retest the score is entered as 80.065. The retest score takes the place of the original score. The .065 will never change your child's average.


Students may bring their devices to school every day. However, we may not have a planned lesson to use them every day. Student's must have a BYOD waiver on file before they bring or use their device at school.

From the Music Teacher

Here are some important things for you to know about Reflections:

Reflections is an annual contest for creative entries sponsored by our PTA. It is not required, and entries should be completed outside of school. The theme this year is"What is Your Story?"

There are 6 categories:



Music Composition

Dance Choreography

Visual Arts


The PTA Reflections Team this year is Cindi Alsobrook, Megan Hogard, Amanda Dowling, and Denise Fusillo. There is a bulletin board across from the Cafeteria with all Reflections rules and forms. Please help students get what they need. Alert us when the pockets are empty. All questions regarding Reflections entries may be sent to this email

All Reflections entries are due on Wednesday, October 5. A schedule for turn-in is forthcoming.

From the STEAM Teacher

Attention Scientists! Do you love questioning, experimenting, and presenting information? Are you ready to be an active member of the scientific community? Be sure to see the Science Fair pamphlet in your Friday Folder papers. More information can be found on Ms Bradley's Science/STEAM eClass page.


Reading: We will explore making inferences using non fiction articles.

Writing: We will plan and draft a writing piece incorporating all of the skills we have explored this year.

ELA: We will review punctuating dialogue and progressive verb tenses.

Math: We will start our unit on division.

Science: We will start our weather and forecasting unit.

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Test Time!

Root Word Test.........Friday, September 23

Math District Assessment.....Monday, September 26

Reading District Assessment.....Thursday, September 29

Weather Test........Friday, September 30

Save the Date!

September 19.......Good News Club Begins at 2:45

September 21........No lunch visitors

September 22........No lunch visitors

September 23........No lunch visitors

September 26....... Book Fair Browsing

September 28.......Early Release, Fall Conferences

September 29.......Early Release, Fall Conferences

September 30.......Book Fair Buying

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