Theodore Boone: Kid Lawyer

Diamond Reed

Story Elements Paragraph

The kid lawyer takes place in Strattenburg during the present time. The main conflict is Mr. Duffy murder his own wife in their home near a golf course and Theodore thinks Mr. Duffy is guilty. The book begins with Theodore the only child in the house and his parents is busy lawyers with a 13 year old in middle school.

Character Analysis Answer

The main character Theodore is a smart, caring, and out-spoken kid in the story. Theo is motivated by his parents which are lawyers, the judge Henry Gantry, and his history teacher Mr.Mount to solve this case and become a lawyer also. I like the main character because he's always there to help out a friend and will assist you with if anything is wrong. The relationship between Theo and April is very close friends in the story.

Theme Paragraph

The theme of this novel is to keep believing and be confident in what you want to do. One example that supports the theme is: Theo strongly believes Mr. Duffy is guilty of the crime. Another example is: The jury including Theo has a lot of evidence the Mr. Duffy killed he's wife. A third example from the book is: Theo is very confident by finding reasons why he feels the way he do. A final example that supports theme is: The trial of Mr. Duffy case was never finished but Theo might change the ending.


The book "Theodore Boone: Kid Lawyer" I will rate a 7 because I like what I've read so far but now the trial is going and the judge didn't make a decision yet. The connection I made to this novel is yes teens can relate to this book because everyone has a dream that they will do anything to achieve it. However, Theo paid more attention in history class and spends a lot of time in his parents office to become a lawyer in the future.

My pictures of the character, setting, and theme