Mittye P. Locke

April 11 - April 15, 2016

PLC/Problem-Solving/HW & Art/ ORFF/Chorus/Sports/ Tech. WILL take place.

Monday (4/11/16):

Grade 4 & Grade 5 FSA Testing

Tuesday (4/12/16):

8:30- Mornings with Mom Meeting (Cafeteria)

Grade 4 & Grade 5 FSA Testing

Wednesday (4/13/16):

Lockdown Drill

Grade 1 Field Trip

FSA Make-ups

Thursday (4/14/16):

FSA Make-ups

2:00- Calendar Meeting

Friday (4/15/16):

8:40- Art Night Meeting (Media: Please send a grade level rep.)

12:00- Good Lunch Eaters

AM- IRLA Level Checks for K-3

FSA Make-ups

Effective Questioning Sequence

1- Questions about details

2-Questions about categories

3-Questions that require students to elaborate on their previous answers

4-Questions that require students to provide evidence for their elaboarations