Teen Obesity

Junk Food & Teen Obesity

Junk Food in Schools

Junk food is a major contributor to teen obesity. Junk food should be banned from cafeterias because its causing more and more kids to be unhealthy in school, school is the main place where kids learn to stay healthy, but yet they have junk food for lunch. And junk food costs more than healthy food. Soon you will learn how much of a problem junk food is.

Fast Food

Children are getting obese every year from regularly eating fast food at school. There are very little laws are being made to enforce it. This low-quality food is causing many illnesses, from cardiovascular disorders to ADHD, making children perform worse in school and their life. Many children enjoy the food and don't think about the long-term effects of the chemicals that they put in their mouths.


In a recent study it was shown that kids consume more calories than nutrients during days when they eat junk/fast foods. Today's teens are three times more likely to be obese than 20 years ago. Are children actually capable of saying no to fast food when the glorious smell of burgers rules the halls? Of course not! Are parents able to withstand the outrageous cheapness of a filling lunch that their kids savour? Again, of course not.


Schools can create a healthy, balanced and tasty lunch program for the students, providing a fair amount of revenue. If students eat healthy food and pay the same amount of money for it, schools will make the same amount of profit. Currently, we spend about $11 billion annually on school lunches. Two- thirds of it goes to labor costs. That leaves about $4 billion to spend on ingredients roughly equal to the fast food industry’s marketing annual budget. Per child, schools have about 90 cents per day to spend on ingredients.