Korean War and the Vietnam war

the anti-communism war

Mao zedong

communism is where the government controls everything. Examples of communisms are the government controlling your person life and giving limited freedoms. Mao Zedong was the leader of the communist party of china.

He was know as the father of communism.

long march/ great leap forward

the long march happened because the nationalists were made because of the un fair rules mad e. the nationalist forced them out of southern channel and they met peasant farmers this led to the great leap forward. the great leap forward the great leap forward then started when Zedong wanted to increase china's wealth and he started using the peasant farmers to help him. the peasant farmers started working in factories for him.

cultural revolution/ tiananmen square

Zedong's made religions illegal and any art against communism. This was the start of the revolution which then led to the Tiananmen square . The Tiananmen square was were people met to have a anti- communism march. The march lead in the civilian's masquerade. They didn't like Zedong's ideas about the cultural revolution .

korean war and vietnam war.

the Vietnam war happened because ho chi minh wanted to turn anti- communist south Vietnam communist. the us joined the war because north Vietnam bombed us navy trips, the us left the war and south Vietnam lost. the Korean war was because of communism . the un feared that Korea would turn other countries communist. harry Truman then helped south Korea by including the us. their was a peace agreement signed in 1952.

containment communism

containment of communism to me did work because their no that many places that are still communist. ''the type of government still exists in china''. If communism was contained why are parts of the word still suffering from it. Nigeria isn't communist they still have a government that is poor and still the people suffer. why is china still suffering if it was contained.'' the war showed that small countries could defeat the us''. they didn't even succeed they failed.

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