What's Hopping and Popping

Room 2

Our trip around the world

We introduced Chinese New Year and talked about some Chinese traditions and the children went nuts with excitement. They were pretending to talk in Chinese, dressed in traditional Chinese clothing and were fixing Chinese cuisine. They were having so much fun. We made red lanterns for good luck and stamped Chinese letters/words with stamps. After visiting and learning about China we went to Italy. We really focused on the foods that come from Italy. We had dry and cooked pasta in our sensory table to explore with. We tossed pizza dough one day. Then we made individual pizzas. We also made a class pizza recipe book. The following week we studied Mexico. We made maracas and danced to fun songs like La Cucaracha and La Bamba. We also cooked corn tortillas. Then we made clay beads that we are going to paint and then string to make different pieces of jewelry.

We have also been working on recognizing numbers 1-20 and tagging items 1-20. We continue to work on letters and the sounds the letters make. We will introduce LOTS of environmental print soon. It's so much fun when they are out and about and reading all the signs around town. The memorization they will be doing is the first step to reading!

Upcoming Events

Culver's Night- Tuesday, March 25th

Spring Picture Day- Tuesday, March 25th 9:15

Preschool Screenings- March 31-April 3

Parenting Workshop- April 8th 6:30-8:00 (Conscious Discipline)


Messy Night- April 24th

Grace Carnival-May 8th

Kindergarten Bus Tours- May 13th

MPP Preschool Graduation- May 12th